Shopping when traveling or on vacation does not have to be limited to souvenirs or small keepsakes for friends and family. Nor do you have to go bust buying expensive gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

Shopping can be a bargain if you know where to let your hair loose. Here are a few shoppers’ paradises across the world where you can shop to your heart’s content and still not go bust.

Bargain Shopping

Some hot destinations for bargain shoppinginclude Berlin, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Orlando, Marrakech, and unbelievably places like London, Florida, Shanghai, Milan, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Jaipur and Hoi An.

The key here is to know where to shop and what to shop. Plenty of bargains can be struck for lovely stuff if you know to pick the right things.

Dubai may seem unlikely for bargains but that is where you need to go if you are looking for bargains in gold jewelry.

To enjoy some local shopping you could visit the Karama souq and Satwa souq, where you can pick things like sheesha pipes and “designer goods”.

Bargain Shopping destination

Beijing has changed over the years and you can pick cheap electrical goods from its Grand World Electrical Market.

Silk Market and Yaxiu is the place to shop for clothes (designer or not), Hong Qiao market is the specialist for everything possible.

Hong Kong has something for everything. Business men of all stature have always loved to have their suits cut here.

For the rest of the family look for bargains at Lai Chi Kok, Sham Shui Po And The Temple Street Night Market. Remember to haggle though.

Orlando is your stop for outlet stores and flea markets. One can pick designer labels here at great discounts from the store outlets.

The Renniger’s Antique and Flea Market and Flea World are just waiting for you to pick great stuff at huge bargains.

Marrakech is the best shopping destination for those who like to shop from shop to shop looking for silk scarves, cheerful slippers, carpets and such bric-a-brac.

Italy is the perfect stop for those who are looking for designer stuff at great discounts. All you need to do is find off the map places that sell brands like Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Versace, Alexander Mc Queen, Dolce & Gabbana, YSL, Fendi and Yohji Yamamoto at huge discounts.

Jaipur, India is your destination if you are looking for precious and semi precious stones. You can buy them here at half the prices you would pay, when buying from places like Tiffany’s and Cartier.

Reliable shops like Gem Palace are perfect for artifacts, old silver jewelry and precious stones. Street shopping for colorful clothes and knick knacks is at its best at Johari Bazaar.


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