London, England is filled with an endless amount of attractions. Some of them charge admission prices, but there are also plenty that can be enjoyed free of charge. These are just a few of the activities you can enjoy in this fabulous city for free.

1. East End Art Galleries

East-End-Art-GalleriesOn the first Thursday of each month several galleries in London’s east end offer free art exhibitions and events.

Some of the top galleries in town, such asHackney’s Vyner Street, are often transformed into spontaneous parties when art-lovers and local students enjoy a good old fashioned art gallery crawl.

2. The Inns of Court, Holborn

You might recognize Holborn’s Inns of Court as the site has been used in numerous major motion pictures. The Courts are British legal system’s headquarters. There filled with historic chambers and peaceful fountain squares.

3. Browsing at Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s is regarded as being one of the world’s most famous and historic auction houses. It features an endless supply of fantastic items and works of art. You’ll be able to walk around and browse the halls and be amazed at what you see. Of course, everything is exhibited free of charge.

4. The Greenwich Observatory

You’ll be able to get some wonderful views of London from here and it’s definitely one of the best locations in the land for gazing at the stars. In addition, the Prime Meridian passes through the Greenwich Observatory, which means your left leg could be standing in the eastern hemisphere while your right leg is in the western hemisphere. The observatory also offers a gigantic telescope and interactive displays.

5. The Natural History Museum, Kensington

This is one of the best places in the world to get a look at and learn all about dinosaurs. There’s an 80-foot skeleton of an ancient Diplodocus as well as several high-tech interactive displays and a wide assortment of other types of dinosaurs.

6. The Columbia Road Flower Market, Hackney

The flower market takes place on a regular Hackney street each Sunday. The location comes alive as dozens of sellers hit the streets with their colourful and fragrant displays. Everybody’s in a jovial mood as buyers and sellers haggle and joke with each other.

7. Westminster Abbey’s Evensong

The historic and glorious Westminster Abbey is one of the best places to visit if you’re looking for some excellent, free entertainment. However, while you can visit it during the daytime, the trick is to head there once the sun goes down. When night time falls you’ll be able to witness the Evensong when the Abbey comes alive with the sound of music.

8. The British Film Institute

There are plenty of fabulous films archived at the British Film Institute, which is located on the south bank. There are also several interesting exhibitions. One of the best is known as Mediatheque. This is where you can head over to a personal video station and watch endless hours of historic and rare television and film footage.

9. The Tate Gallery

The Tate is one of the world’s best known art galleries as it houses some of the finest and most famous pieces of art on the planet. The Tate is made up of four separate galleries and there’s something on display for people of all ages and artistic tastes. British art is also on display.

10. The Cargo Club

One of the top nightspots in London is definitely the Cargo Club in the Shoreditch area. This is where you’ll find some of the city’s best disc jockeys and bands. The club holds barbecues in the summer and the sessions are free every Friday night.


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