The annual Berengaria International Music Festival is set to entertain at the spectacular Rialto Theatre in the wonderful city of Limassol in Cyprus between the 2nd and 5th of May. This popular event brings some of the world’s best solo and chamber music to the Cypriot city and captivates audiences.

The festival was launched back in 2003 and it features artists from 15 different nations who play diverse styles of music from different periods in time. The event is ideal for classical music fans from novices to connoisseurs.


Artists from all over the globe have performed at the festival in the past making it a trulyinternational event.

These include musicians and singers from Austria, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Cyprus, Croatia, Germany, Israel, Greece, New Zealand, Latvia, Romania, Scotland, Russia, Taiwan and Switzerland.

The festival aims to provide an atmosphere where the performers and audience can earnestly interact with each other and share the music in a special way.

The music is appreciated greatly by those who are new to classical music as well as those who have listened to it for years. The concerts present the music in an intense and intimate setting for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The organizers feel that music is essential in the intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic development of people and their communities and it should always be available for people of all ages, means and abilities.

The event also prides itself in introducing young people and new audiences to the world of classical music. It does this by dedicating a versatile and special programme of performances and education for young audiences.

This year’s event will feature performances by Henri Sigfridsson, Denise Benda, Janne Rattya, Daniel Haefliger, Christian Euler, and Matheos Kariolou.


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