Once again, it’s proved that size doesn’t matter when it comes to enjoying yourself traveling. The American state of Delaware has the sixth-lowest population in the nation with about a million people and is the second smallest in land mass.

But it’s definitely one of the best where activities and scenery are concerned. It’s just 35 miles wide and 96 miles in length at the widest point.

Delaware gests some of its beauty from theAtlantic Ocean as the state lies on America’s eastern seaboard. There are just three counties in the whole state and Wilmington is its largest city while Dover acts as its capital.


Some of the other poplar towns include Harrington, Delaware City, Middletown, Lewes, New Castle, Milford, Newark, Seaford, and Rehoboth Beach.

The state history is quite rich as Dutch traders found it was inhabited by Native Americans when they arrived to colonize during the 16th century.

Delaware was one of 13 colonies which took part in the American Revolution back in 1787 and was the first to ratify the Constitution, which is why it’s commonly called the First State.

You’ll find the local culture just as interesting with a mixture of Irish, English, German, Italian, and African-American influences. The land gets its beauty from rolling hills, the Delaware River, the Atlantic Coastal Plain, and Chesapeake Bay.

It’s quite easy to navigate Delaware as it has a fine highway system and ferry services offer links to the nearby state of New Jersey. You’ll also find a couple of Amtrak rail stations in Wilmington and Newark as well as a regional rail network.

One strange fact in today’s world though is there isn’t a commercial airport in the state. You can land in nearby cities such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington or Newark though.

When visiting, you’ll be attracted to the many beaches, wildlife refuges, parks, lighthouses, museums, and numerous historic sites. The Delaware Memorial Bridge is also there, which is the second longest twin-span suspension bridge in the world.

You’ll find some fine beaches such as Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, Dewey Beach, Fenwick Island, South Bethany, and Bethany Beach. Rehoboth Beach is quite popular due to its tax-free shopping, booming nightlife and artistic appeal.

Many festivals, cultural events, and fairs are also held in Delaware. It’s a wonderful place to visit if you want to combine relaxing beach towns with interesting culture and history.


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