There are hundreds of exceptional sites in the world for animal lovers to visit, with these being six of the most unique adventures.

1. Cabo Polonio, Uruguay: The Sea lion colony

The Sea lion colony

(photo by brenski)

 This South American site is home to one of the biggest populations of sea lions in the world. To reach Cabo Polonio, you’ll need to hike there or take a four-wheel drive vehicle. It’s about four miles from the road and there’s no running water and electricity.

When you reach the colony, you’ll find several underwater caves. You can hire a boat for a whale-watching adventure and you’ll see hundreds of adorable sea lions there. If you’re lucky, you might also get a glimpse of some black dolphins.

2. Palau: Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake

(photo by tony-chen)

This magnificent site sits on the island of Palau, which is located in the Pacific Ocean about 500 mileseast of the Philippines. The jellyfish have lived in an inland lake for several centuries and have grown to a large population as there aren’t any predators for them to worry about. The jellyfish are basically harmless as they move back and forth across the lake since they don’t sting.

This makes them great swimming companions for visiting snorkelers. The best place to visit to see the creatures is the community of Koror. You’ll find tours here that take you to Malk Island and the Jellyfish Lake, which is about a 45-minute boat trip.

3. Assam, India: Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park

(photo credit: internationalrivers)

This is a World Heritage Site that features the biggest population of one-horned rhinos on the planet. You can camp near the park or stay in a cottage. There are several different tours available including an elephant ride.

You can also visit a nearby village to see the rearing of silk worms. There are several other animals on display in the park such as leopards, deer, gibbons, pythons, jackals, and monitor lizards.

4. Nagano, Japan: Jigokudani Monkey Park

Jigokudani Monkey Park

(photo credit: dugspr)

These wild animals called Macaques are also known as Snow Monkeys. They love swimming in the park’s pool, especially when their food is tossed into it. You’ll usually find yourself walking the trails with the animals as they are quite used to interaction with humans. There are plenty of different types of accommodations near the park which have free shuttles and hot springs.

5. Uganada: Bwindi Forest National Park

Bwindi Forest National Park

(photo credit: floeschen)

This attraction is a heaven for bird-watchers as it’s home to approximately 350 different species of them. There are also over 200 butterfly species as well as 30 different types of frogs and 120 mammals. Plant lovers will be pleased to know there are 1,000 different types.

However, most people visit the park to see the mountain gorillas. You can go on a safari if you receive a permit. It costs about $500, but is well worth it. There are numerous tours available as well as accommodation options.

6. Singapore: Night Safari

Night Safari

(photo credit: tony926)

One of the best places in the world to observe animals at night to see what they get up to is in Singapore. A trip to the popular Singapore Night Safari will let you get a close-up look at the animals once the sun goes down. This is an open-air location that features more than 1,000 different animals. You can explore the park by tram or by foot.

The lighting in the tropical setting is designed to duplicate the moonlight and you can wander around the site with great views as there aren’t any cages. There are a couple of different sections to the park and the tram ride is close to two miles in length.


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