dubaiDubai has a booming tourist industry and is hoping to attract fifteen million tourists within the next year.

It is a luxury destination noted for its many top hotels and expanse of fantastic beaches.

Its new airport is nearly finished and will be equipped to accommodate many more visitors to this United Arab Emirates;

Dubai is one of the seven that makes up this large country. Located on the Persian Gulf, it has many natural resources, most of which are a big reason for its major wealth.

Often called the city of gold Dubai has plenty of oil, natural gas and, of course gold. Construction here is continuing despite of any recession to cope with the growth of global tourism to this part of the world. Although at its heart the culture is still that of an ancient civilization.

There is a wealth of not only money but also tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Dubai prides itself in ensuring that all visitors get the most out of their stay and strives to prove excellent tourist information facilities.

The right level of infrastructure accompanies all the different buildings being undertaken and is no surprise that all the world’s top hotels are interested in getting a slice of the action. There is something for everyone here and the economy is affluent so can embrace every scrap of potential and squeeze it to the maximum.

It covers an area of over four thousand kilometers and has a very attractive climate and people from all over the globe are sure to be enticed to its shores.






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