While Halloween may fall at the end of October, some places are just downright eerie everyday of the year. These are some of the world’s most haunted locations.

(photo credit: Gail Jhonson)

1. The Tower of London, London, England

According to legend, this popular London tourist site is one of the world’s most haunted places. The tower’s dungeons have witnessed many executions and tortures over the years. Anne Boleyn has probably been the most famous victim over the past 1,000 years as the she was beheaded there back in 1536 while married to Henry VIII. Many visitors swear they’ve seen her ghost wandering aimlessly in the tower halls.

2. Changi Beach, Singapore

It’s believed that Japanese soldiers killed many of their Chinese counterparts here in the Second World War. Many witnesses say that the headless bodies of the soldiers still haunt Changi Beach. It’s also been reported that there are many deep graves here and the wailing of the soldiers can sometimes be heard.

3. Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

This haunted hotel was erected by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway back in 1913 and it’s regarded as one of Canada’s most haunted buildings. Hotel cleaners have reported witnessing the ghost of a woman who supposedly hung herself at the hotel. They’ve also seen strange objects flying off of shelves.

4. The Aokigahara Forest, Japan

This forest is located near Mount Fuji and sadly it’s a popular spot to commit suicide. It’s believed that over 500 people have taken their lives in these woods over the past 60 years. The police comb through the area every year to search for bodies. They found over 100 of them in 2004. The forest is very still and eerie and is haunted by many of those who died here.

5. The Plains of Abraham, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

This famous Canadian battlefield was the site of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759. Visitors are often haunted by the spirits of those who lost their lives here. There have been reports of soldiers on the plains and in some of the nearby tunnels. The aroma of cannon sulphur has also been reported floating over the fields at night time.

6. Savannah, Georgia, USA

This city is regarded as the USA’s most haunted by the American Institute of Paranormal Psychology. You can take guided ghost tours to the local haunted homes, churches, and hotels. The city was founded back in the 1700s and many of the ghosts are believed to be of the first colonists and slaves.

7. Rose Hall Plantation, Jamaica

It’s believed that a woman named Annie Palmer, practiced voodoo here and killed three of her husbands. She was known as the white witch of Rose Hall and killed her spouses off after becoming bored of them. Local legend says thatAnnie was eventually killed in the 1830s by a slave and she was buried at the hall.

However, her spirit is restless and some visitors have reportedly seen her ghost wandering around the property.

8. HI Ottawa Jail Hostel, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

This hostel used to be a prison for over 100 years. Some of its guests said they have witnessed somepretty strange occurrences in the hostel such as their clothing being thrown on the floor and doors locking themselves. Of course, several ghostly figures have also been spotted.

9. Salem, Massachusetts, USA

This American city was famous for its witches in the 17th century. You can take guided ghost tours here which take you to the creepiest parts of town. Some of the witches who were found guilty in the infamous trials back in 1692 are buried in local cemeteries.

10. The RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, California, USA

This famous ship has witnessed 49 deaths onboard over the years. The ocean liner has since been retired and is now used as a floating hotel. Some of its guests have reported seeing ghosts wandering down the hallways, swimming in the pool and even sitting in the ship’s engine room.


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