barbadosFor anyone yearning to live the life of a pirate then Barbados may well hit the mark.

In fact there is an inn on the Barbados island that actually has just that theme, where you can probably spend your time with some like minded individuals.

After a hard day of plundering and living life on the open seas a bit of night life could be the answer.

Even the most hardened of pirate need to relax after all, so head for St Lawrence Gap where you find pubs and bars which mainly blare out jazz. This mile long street in the centre of the country will prepare you for the ‘yo ho hoes’ of the day ahead.

Thankfully a pirate no longer needs to cater for himself and Barbados is famous for its fish. One in particular is called the Flying fish which is cooked in every which way, so it can be enjoyed fried or grilled, whatever is to your taste.

Eating out is not cheap but it is however very scrumptious, don’t miss trying the lobsters and wonderful freshly picked fruits.

Every pirate can not survive without life elixir which is of course rum and this is exactly what this part of the world makes better than any other. You can even take the next step and visit the factory where it is produced for good measure.

So, is it enough about the needs of a pirate, then what about the here and now? A peaceful walk in the beautiful landscape, maybe hit a beach and try a bit of windsurfing. Throw in a bit of the past and a glimpse of the underwater world of the corals reefs.


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