Planned to explore New York in this vacation? Then know popular and most happening places of New York City. New York is one of the most popular world visited sites of the world.

new york trip

People who visit New York are increasing yearly and with the steady increase in tourist’s rate, you can understand the tourism development in the city.

The site seeing in the New York City can vary from a week to month. The tourism places are many in the city, so a month is quite sufficient to completely explore the city. The main thing to remember while exploring the New York City is to carry the city map.

In the map, mark the important places such as your residing place, your food court, your traveling destinations and the means of transportation which help you in reaching the place. Marking these important places will help you to get along the vast New York City and make your exploring successful.

Favorite places to visit in the New York City:

New York City is filled with different astonishing places to visit which make your traveling a memorable one. There are a wide range of places that some times selecting from the wide places is often hard for beginners.

There are many places which should be included in your New York trip. If you are left with less time, then prefer to visit the most important places which bring elegance to the trip. The important places to visit are:

Statue of liberty: The first thought of the New York City makes you remember about The Statue of Liberty. That is the importance of the statue in New York City. The state represents the national sculpture of the country and there are very few countries which are recognized by their possessions. Pyramids make you remember about Egypt, Coliseum about Rome and the Eiffel tower about Paris. Statue Of liberty makes us remember of United States; such great country possession is comprised in New York City.

Empire State building: Situated in the Central Manhattan, it is the tallest building of the New York City. The construction of world trade center dragged the empire state building into the second position. But, now it is once again the tallest building of New York City. On a clear sunny day, the sight from the empire state building can give you a view of 320km of the city. The Gargantuan Stature at the building has made the place worth visiting.

Bronx Zoo: This is considered as the world’s greatest zoo, which has rich wildlife. This is also the heart of the wildlife conservation society as this carries out a network with other metropolitan zoos. The zoo comprises of 700 species with 5000 animals that no other zoo in the world offers. The diversification of the species information is exhibited for the visitor’s knowledge.

Central park: Central park is a best place for people who want to give a break to the concrete jungle culture. The Central park comprises of horse carriage rides to boat rides and is a very good entertainment since 150 years.

There are many other places to visit in the New York City such as the metropolitan museum, grand central terminal, Rockefeller centre, Ellis Island, American museum of natural history and Madame Tussard’s wax museum.


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