One of the least known American territories is American Samoa, which lies to the south of the equator in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. It’s made up of five highly eroded, rugged volcanic islands along with two coral atolls.

The total area of land is about 76 square miles. One of the best ways to explore thisfascinating part of the world is to visit theNational park of American Samoa.

The park itself is situated on three mountainous and volcanic islands that are covered in lush, tropical rainforests, and are filled with glistening beaches, colorful coral reefs, and rugged cliffs. The park is an amazing place to explore and hike as is the whole region.

One of the best ways to learn about the local people and culture is to stay with an American Samoan family when visiting. This can often be done on the islands of Tutuila, Ta’u, and Olosega. The best way to arrange this is to contact the park directly.

You’ll have the chance to see a wonderful assortment of wildlife such as fruit bats, whales, dolphins, turtles, snakes, and geckos. There are over 800 species of fish present in the park. The park itself is relatively new and is in a very remote location.

This means there aren’t a lot of facilities in the National Park of American Samoa. Instead, you’ll have the chance to explore everything on foot, such as the tropical plants, wildlife and the numerous secluded villages in the area. You’ll also be able to snorkel in the coral reefs while visiting the magnificent sea and island vistas.

American Samoa features Polynesia’s oldest culture. It’s believed that the first settlers to the region came by sea about 3,000 years ago from the southwest area of Asia.

The nation’s traditions and distinct culture developed over the years, making it one of the most interesting set of islands to visit on the globe


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