When the summer time comes it means the kids are out of school and most people take their vacations. It’s the busiest season for travelling and it’s also often hard to decide where to go. These are some of the top destinations to visit in the world this year.

1. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


This is one of America’s greatest low-key cities. It’s clean, friendly and offers a wonderful downtown area. The winters are often long and harsh here, so it’s great to enjoy the summer weather, festivals, farmers markets, and Minnesota Twins baseball action at the fantastic Target Field.

There’s a lively downtown with some fine restaurants and bars and if you’d like to stay active you can rent a bike and cycle the 50-mile long Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway. The trail features about two dozen lakes as well as Mississippi River.

Minneapolis is home to over 50 museums and a 4.2 million-square-foot mall. To top it off, Nickelodeon Universe is also located here, which is the biggest indoor theme park in America.

2. Cardiff, Wales, Great Britain


Wales is filled with castles and myths and it’s also one of the prettiest countries around. Cardiff, the Welsh capital, is home to the magnificent Cardiff Bay and its eight-mile long waterfront and 500-acre freshwater lake.

This makes it the biggest waterfront development area in Europe. Mermaid Quay is a hotspot for dining and shopping, while kayaking and rafting is ideal at Cardiff International White Water. Boaters and windsurfers usually head to the bay to enjoy the water. There are some excellent festivals, including the Cardiff Harbour Festival from August 27th to 29th.

You can take a river taxi or bus from Mermaid Quay down the River Taft or bike along its trail to the center of town. You can explore Cardiff’s National Museum and castle here. The castle will host a medieval festival on August 13th and 14th. Auto racing enthusiasts will be headed to the city on June 25thto take in the Brit Speedway Grand Prix.

3. Istria, Croatia


The beautiful region of Istria has over 300 miles of coastline that houses close to 40 beaches, all with crystal-clear waters. It’s a thickly-forested peninsula that lies on the Adriatic Sea. It’s filled with blue water bays, peaceful coves, and sandy shorelines which are shared with magnificent pine trees.

One of the best areas is the Medulin Riviera in the south as it offers lovely coastline, medieval villages, and ancient ruins. A little further south you’ll find Cape Kamenjak, a splendid nature reserve with plenty of hidden coves and rocky cliffs.

If you head to the city of Pula, you’ll be able to take in some exciting summer events at the Roman amphitheatre, such as the Pula Film Festival between July 16th and 23rd.

4. Azores, Portugal


These lovely islands sit in the middle of the Atlantic, about 1,000 miles west of mainland Portugal. They’re unspoiled and off the beaten track. However, they have a lot to offer visitors. There are nine main islands which can all be reached from one another by ferry during the summers.

The islands are filled with natural beauty made up of hot mineral springs, hills covered in hydrangea, green volcanic mountains, rambling vineyards, caves, sandy beaches, grottoes, cobblestone laneways, windmills, museums, churches, and charming seaside villages.

The largest island is Sao Miguel, and it’s home to the Azores biggest city, Ponta Delgada. There are several cultural and religious festivals between May and September.

5. Patagonia, Argentina


If it’s summer in the northern hemisphere that means it’s winter down in Argentina. If you’re into some snow skiing instead of waterskiing this summer then head to the Southern Andes, which is the highest mountain range in the world other than of Asia.

The Patagonia area is an ideal place to ski and snowboard the slopes between mid-June and late September. You can also enjoy snowshoe hikes and guided horseback trips through Nahuel Huapí National Park.


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