Halloween is about to come very soon. Therefore, many consider their vacations in unusual destination, which are perfect for this funny, but yet scary celebration. One of those places, where you can go and enjoy the scariest adventure ever is Mexico.

Guanajuato is the right town to spend Halloween, for there is placed the famous Mummy Museum. This museum attracts thousands of tourists each year and offers amazing collection of ancient mummies.

The bonus is the fact that no one can really say how old exactly this mummified creatures are and what was their life. For the mystery lovers, this is the exact place to spend the fest. Another impressive and very mysterious destination is Ireland’s St. Michael’s church in Dublin. This place is object of researching since long time ago.

The official information about this church is only one – there are mummies that lie beneath the church. The church was founded in the midst of 16th century, but it is still a mystery why some galleries have been sealed off with iron doors, not to mention that tunnels beneath the church are also a mystery. Europe is offering a lot of places, full with hidden mystery.

One of these places is the Paris Catacombs. They are good place to visit in Halloween, so consider them as the right choice, in case you want to be involved in a world of unsolved mystery and fear.

Czech Republic also has what to offer to the fans of Halloween. There is placed an old Jewish Cemetery, which is considered as one of the scariest places on the planet. The cemetery is located in Prague and it is said that the master of horror – Franz Kafka has found an inspiration for his books there.

Another adventurous fact is the cemetery’s history. The Jewish cemetery is 560 years old and according to the urban legends, the place is filled with ghosts. Italy is also a good place to celebrate Halloween, especially the San Bernardino Church in Milan.

At the very first look, this is a modern and unremarkable church, but its inner side involved tunnels, skulls and lots of mosaics, decorated with bones. The church was founded back in XII century and no one really knows why in its décor are placed skeletons and skulls.

Of course, one of the most popular destinations filled with mysteries remain the Dracula castle in Romania. It is located in Transylvania, already a synonym to vampire’s home. The legend says that the castle is the original home of Vlad Tepes, the most gruesome vampire ever. All folk tale…but the fun is at the maximum here.


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