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After a whole week of hectic schedules filled with a plethora of activities like preparing an important presentation, attending important meetings, taking your child to school, taking your spouse to shopping, you literally feel the need to have some time exclusively for yourself.

If you have a car, then all you have to do is pick up your car keys, get out of the office or house, put the keys into ignition and drive yourselves to the top 10 scenic drives around the world, for a ride surely energizes you to the core.

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1. Western Desert, Egypt:

Western Desert

( photo by Mrs Logic )

One of the most wonderful places in the world, the western desert is splayed across the road that takes you from Cairo to Egypt. The desert truly reminds you of the importance of water in our lives. As soon as you think of water, you come across the five most spectacular oases like Kharga, Dhakla, Siwa and so on, across this magnificent desert.

The most beautiful fact of this desert is that it runs along the mother River Nile, a river that has an amazing history and has given birth to one of the greatest civilizations of the world. This scenic drive truly takes you to the heart of the deepest historical events of Egypt and Cairo. You can hitch up a ride and be ready with the tents so that you can spend a peaceful night in this wonderful desert.

2. The Seward Highway:

The Seward Highway

( image source:  City-Data )

Though acclaimed as a U.S. highway by the U.S. Transportation department, on the Seward Highway you can witness the dazzling Alaskan beauty all along your ride.

If you constantly look out for different varieties in your whole life, then this highway is the exact picture of your life because it is full of variegated landscapes that involve the breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, the lush green forests with beautiful never-seen-before flora and the enthralling mountain goats, sheep enjoying on the green shrubs.

You can also enjoy the exciting scene of beluga whales running in the waters totally packed with ice along the whole drive. While looking at the amazing flora and fauna you can go for camping on this place and also enjoy fishing.

3. Transfagarasan road, Romania:

Transfagarasan road

( photo by icabro )

If you have the reruns of the Dracula, the vampire movie again and again and you just can’t get over with your obsession towards vampires all thanks to Stephanie Meyer for her sexy, handsome vampire, Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga, or the utterly attractive vampire, Bill Compton, from the television series “True Blood”, then this road directly leads to the historic land of vampires, Transylvania.

Besides the vampire history, this road is full of lush green forests that accompany with lofty Carpathian Mountains and an exciting castle of Vlad III- the man from whom the character of Dracula was inspired.

4. Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada:

Icefields Parkway1

( photo by Leto A. )

If you are in awe with roads that are so long that you just cannot see its end then the Ice fields parkway is the best driving road for you. The beauty of this road is enhanced by the colossal black mountains that are crowned with the whitest snow, the deep forests with thick growth of flora and amazing fauna like the moose, elks and bears, the bluest of the rivers combined with turquoise waters and the mesmerizing waterfalls.

Though it is impossible to drive on this highway in winter, this road is awesomely smooth in rest of the seasons.

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5. Alsace Wine Route, France:

Alsace Wine Route

( photo by subconsciousideas )

Being a true wine lover, you ought to go on a ride along the Alsace Wine route in France. This route contains a beautiful treasure of most rustic scenic beauties in the form of Rhenan plains, the huge Vosges Mountains, the awesome castles that remind you of the medieval times, the rustic villages with their own amazing cultures and customs, the wonderful rives and much more. You can treasure all these scenic memories in your heart along with the breathtakingly mesmerizing view of the Mont Sainte Odile.

6. The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia:

The Cabot Trail Nova Scotia

( image source:  phototravelpages )

If you wish to see the unique combination of earth and sea then the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia is the best place for you to take a ride on. This trail is not just a huge stretch of road, it is often interrupted with colossal mountains that are snow clad surrounded by the deep thick forests with lush green flora.

As you drive further on, you can also see the majestic whales enjoying the cold waters. Once you start riding on, you suddenly come to an end towards the mighty Atlantic Ocean that truly mesmerizes you to the core.

Along the ride, you can also enjoy the sights of the Margaree Valley and Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Once you come on this trail for a drive, make sure that you have time to go on trekking on this beautiful scenic location.

7. Grossglocknerstrasse, Austria:


( photo by WildVanilla )

The highest mountain in the Alpines of Austria, the Grossglockner Mountain is surely a mesmerizing sight for many tourists and visitors alike. However, the original fun involves in riding on the high alpine road that takes you to this lofty mountain in Austria.

The sweet fragrance in the air is truly wonderful that takes you on a dream ride along the beautiful meadows, amazing flora and fauna around and the never-melting glacier the Pasterze. Driving on this road will truly be an experience of a lifetime.

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8. The Vermont Route, Newport, Vermont:

The Vermont Route

( photo by Mackville Road )

Yet another greatest scenic drives is along the Vermont Route. The specialty of this route is that you never have to stop until and unless you want to. That’s right, there are no traffic signals on this route and hence you do not have to dread the stop lights any time.

The route surrounds the Green Mountain National Forest and hence has a beautiful green view. The other good thing about this route is that you can find small inns, antique shops and so on to hang out.

9. Highway 94, New Zealand:

Highway 94

( photo by wino-fred )

The best scenic drive in New Zealand, this highway takes you to Milford through Fiordland. If you have always believed that the mountains always arise from the lands then this highway proves you wrong. This highway takes you to the high and mighty Mountains that directly appear through the water.

The steep highway road, at a point of time, is so surrounded by lush green thick forests that it typically reminds you of medieval times. While driving on this highway, you come across mesmerizing waterfalls and amazing ferns. Since this highway is surrounded by rainforests, it is best to enquire about the weather before going on the jaunt.

10. Munnar Road, Kerala:

Munnar Road

( photo by kcbimal )

This road leads to one of the best known hill stations in India, Munnar, a town that witnesses the joining of three lofty mountains. While driving of the Munnar road, you are ensnared in the sweet fragrance of the fresh tea leaves from innumerable tea plantations.

Along with tea plantations, this road is surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna. While going further on the road you can also embrace the spicy scents of innumerable Indian spices while looking at the mist covered mountains and hill tops.

Hurry up and visit these beautiful scenic drives before the weather crashes your plans.

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