Rainforests consist of unique variety of plants, insects, microorganisms and animals.

There are different types of rainforests in the world.

Here are top ten rainforests in the world, which you can visit for a wonderful experience.

1. Brazil – Emas National Park and Chapada Dos Veadeiros


These rainforests are situated in the Center-West Brazil region, consisting of cerrado ecosystem. They possess a huge variety of wildlife. You can find animals such as the giant anteater, maned wolf, giant armadillo, pampas deer and jaguar. These are very popular for their wildlife and rich vegetation.

2. Sri Lanka – Sinharaja Forest


This rainforest is located in the south-west region of Sri Lanka. It consists of over 60% local and rare trees. You will find different species of animals and birds, which are exclusive to Sinharaja Forest. It is referred to as, the virgin forest and is breathtakingly beautiful. Streams, rivers, springs, waterfalls; and animals such as monkeys, leopards; insects like moths and butterflies; and rare shrubs and trees will surely delight you.

3. El Salvador – Montecristo cloud Forest


This rainforest in El Salvador is a very dense and protective forest area, where you can find different species of rare animals and plants such as oaks, ferns, orchids, anteaters, owls, pumas, spider monkeys, and toucans.

 4. Costa Rica – The Monteverde cloud Forest

Costa Rica

This forest has a cloud cover of canopy-level and there is continuous moisture supply here which helps in increasing the production of plants. This Monteverde cloud Forest consists of bountiful plant life and distinctive animals such as mammals, reptiles and birds like bare-necked umbrellabird, three-wattled bellbird, long tailed manakin, keel-billed toucan, and howler monkeys.

5. Malaysia – Mount Kinabalu National Park


This national park is a paradise of amazing types of flora and fauna. It consists of huge variety of plants and animals; about 4,500 plant species, 289 bird species and 290 species of butterflies and insects such as the Giant red Leech of Kinabalu and Giant Earthworms.

6. Liberia – Sapo National Park


This is a humid virgin rainforest possessing unique varieties of vegetation such as choleras and some flesh-eating microorganisms. This forest can be a human threat if you are not careful. So you need to inform the forest authorities, before visiting it.

7. Alaska’s rainforests

Alaska’s rainforests

These rainforests fall under temperate type category and consist of unique plants and animals species, such as the spruce tall stands, cedar trees, hemlock and mosses. You can also find varieties of berries and wild flowers here. This rainforest is just perfect for all the lovers of nature.

8. The Amazon Rainforests


Amazon Rainforests are known as home to the earth’s largest rainforest. This is spread over 40% of the continent of South America and includes Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Suriname and Guyana countries. This includes different kinds of ecosystems and vegetations such as rainforests, deciduous forests, seasonal forests, the savannas and flooded forests.

9. Ecuador – Cloud forests


These are lush green rainforests, which are cooler than the marshland rainforests. They have less species of mammals, but you can find the Central American Agouti of El Monte reserve, Ocelot, Red Brocket Deer, Margay, Paca, Andean Coati, Tayra, White Fronted Capuchin Monkeys and the Three-Toed Sloth.

10. Australia – Daintree rainforest


These are tropical rainforests and have the most amazing reef system. They consist of about 30% frogs, reptile and marsupial species, 65% butterfly and bat species and about 18% bird species. You can also find over 12000 insect species in this rainforest.


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