Hawaii: a beautiful piece of land, white sands, blue sea and a perfect rest. Perhaps this is what your mind is telling, when someone mentions the vacation island. There are many more things to do in Hawaii and surprisingly they aren’t devoted to pub or local bars.

Many, who rest there, have a special plan how to discover the beauty of this sun kissed land. One of the activities, which will surely give you a different idea about Hawaii, is hiking.

This sport activity is extremely popular in Hawaii and thousands of tourists are visiting the island, exactly because of the best hiking opportunities, which Hawaii offers to its visitors.

Actually the place is also famous for its incredible trails as those trails aren’t only for professionals. Most of the trails are for beginners and hides a magnificent landscape to discover.

One of these trails is the most popular trail on Hawaii: the Kalalau Trail. It is the trail that offers the most breathtaking views of Hawaii and amazing adventures.

The route passes through the Kalalau Valley that is located on more than 4,000 feet up in the mountains. Probably each resort is offering this trail as a part of their attractions lists.

The hiking opportunities of Hawaii hide a special place – the Diamond Head Crater in Oahu. This is a must visit place and it is surely an adrenalin feeling giver, because you need to walk to the 750-foot volcanic cone – Hawaii’s most famous landscape.

The trail is nearly 1.4-mile and it can be taken for 2 hours. The guiders of the hiking groups will show you things you never thought you can find at Hawaii, so the best time to start this journey is early in the morning, when the sun isn’t so dangerous. The volcano topic doesn’t end with this trail.

There is another, even more spectacular hiking route and it is already famous – the Devastation Trail in Hawaii volcanoes National Park. The journey will show you an erupting volcano, which is a lifetime view.

The good news is that this trail is also good for beginners, because it represents a paved road up to the mountain, where you can observe the eruption of the volcano. Another of the stunning trails for hiking is the Halawa Valley, Molokai.

Molokai is easy to reach and it is surely one of the Hawaii’s wonders as it is offering two waterfalls, lagoons and a unique beach. The trail includes also culture aspects as it shows a sacred heiau.


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