Ironman competitions have become very popular around the world over the last decade or so. One of the biggest of these takes place at Lake Taupo, in Taupo, New Zealand. This year’s annual event will be held on Mar. 5 in the scenic New Zealand town.ironman-newzealand

The event is the season opener and it will feature a rigorous triathlon that will attract about 1,500 competitors who will fight it out for prize money of U.S. $50,000.

The contestants will swim a total of 2.4 miles, cycle for 112 miles, and then run 26 miles through a picturesque route that features volcanoes, waterfalls, and hot springs.

The triathlon is one of the area’s most popular events and it attracts about 25,000 visitors to the Lake Taupo area on a yearly basis, which doubles the population of the region.

There are several events held during the week leading up to the event and a party atmosphere invades the town. This includes an awards ceremony the day following the race as well as a wrap-up party.

Each competitor is given up to 17 hours to finish the triathlon’s course. The quickest time so far has been just shy of nine hours.

If you’d like enter the race you can do so online until the maximum number of 1,500 is reached. When you’ve finished, you’ll find the Lake Taupo region is ideal for a holiday since there is so much to see and do there.


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