Italy has always been a favorite destination to many travelers. Italy is also a place, where anyone can find anything- beaches, parties, history, fun, shopping and great relaxation, but there are still parts of an another Italy, different and far from the touristic crowds.

In case you are seeking the hidden treasures of Italy, here are some different parts of Italy you should discover.

One of those gems is Ravello. Ravello is an amazing town located nearly 1000 feet above the Amalfi Coast. The town is so beautiful that even Richard Wagner chose to write his operas there.

As a tribute to him, each year Ravello organizes an open-air platform for the special festival of Ravello. The festival is devoted to Wagner’s music and it is a magical festival that shows the beautiful landscapes of the town.

Here the villas are in the typical Italian style, small and built on the sea shore. Ravello is also a hidden vacation spot for many celebrities.

Another Italian treasure you must visit is the Lake District. The lakes of Como, Maggiore and Garda are an eternal source of relaxation and beautiful atmosphere.

Poets like Byron, Shelly and even the Roman poet Catullus have found their muse exactly in the Lake District of Italy.

In case you are seeking history and peace, this is the right place for you. The old castles and the famous ruins are also part of this beautiful Italian gem.

Bolzano is another town, part of the infamous Italian beauties. The town is located on the border between Austria and Italy and represents a culture mix of languages, food, architecture and traditions.

Perhaps you will be surprised, but exactly in Bolzano’s Archeology Museum of the Alto Adige you can find the oldest mummy in Europe. It is the “Iceman” mummy that is nearly 5000 year-old.

Another must see in Bolzano is its Dolomite mountains peaks and medieval castles. The museums of Bolzano are also reason to visit, for they are offering culture, art and history like no other place in Italy.

Perugia is also a place that can give you memorable moments. It is located in Umbria region and it is popular destination, when it comes to delicious meals. Moreover, this is the area of the truffles.

The art collection in the Palazzo del Priori is also a reason to visit Perugia as it is known as one of the richest art collections in Italy.


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