The town and province of Kanchanaburi in Thailand offer serene settings and brilliant scenery as the region is full of beautiful lagoons, waterfalls, rivers, and mountains.

The town is famous world wide as the home of the bridge on the River Kwai, which was part of the infamous ‘Death Railway’ and was built by thousands of prisoners of war during World War II.

It’s a relatively small town with a population just over 30,000, but the area has lots to offer visitors. The major attraction is the railway bridge along with several museums, cemeteries, and war memorials to honour the fallen soldiers.

There’s also a Buddhist temple a couple of miles out of town that features limestone caves with grotto shrines inside of them. Each grotto has a figure of the Buddha which represents a stage of his life. The Tiger Temple is also close by as well as several elephant camps.

The Erawan Waterfall is also in the province and is definitely one of the most scenic in all of Thailand. The town has a lot of fine restaurants to choose from for people on all types of budgets, including one right on the river, where you can get enormous amounts of excellent foods for inexpensive prices. Hotels and guesthouses are easy to find as are the bars and shops.

Kanchanaburi, the town, will let you see one of the most historic sites of World War II in a tranquil setting and the province offers a chance to see some of the most gorgeous natural scenery in the country.



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