Kyoto, Japan is certainly one of those places that wake up in us the idea of crowds, noises and a futuristic landscape.

kyoto golden templeThat is wrong and for the travelers that want to see a perfect green landscape and an amazing city, Kyoto is the right direction. In this city history, nature and urban life styles mixes together to grab you in an adventure of discovering the deep Japan culture.

Kyoto TempleHere you can see everything that you have experienced, only on the TV- in Kyoto there are still geishas, Buddhist temples, surrounded with spiritualism and mystery, as well as historical areas such as Higashiyama.

The local architecture would leave you breathless with fine examples of housing such as pagodas and temples. The evening in Kyoto is an unforgettable experience, to its wild night life, fine international restaurants and places, where you can taste the typical cuisines of the city.

kyoto night lifeKyoto is definitely for those of you who would seek adventure and challenges, while exploring the mighty culture of Japan.


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