Lumberjacks from all over the world will be getting together in Hayward, Wisconsin, USA from July 23-25 to take part in the Lumberjack World Championships.

The event was launched 50 years ago to pay respect to the long history of the American logging industry and it soon grew into an adventurous sporting event.

The town of Hayward offers visitors a rich history along with naturally beautiful landscapes and that’s one of the reasons the event attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The world championships feature over 20 events for participants who are trying to set world records. These include women’s and men’s logrolling, chopping, sawing, and a pole climb. There are usually over 100 lumberjacks taking part in the contest and all trying to take home some of the prize money, which totals over $50,000.

The event prides itself on recognizing women in the lumberjack industry and the women’s competitions are generally the favourites with the large family crowds.

The grounds open each day at 9am and you can buy food and drinks on the site. You may purchase tickets in advance and you can also buy them at the gates on the day of the events.

For more information on the Lumberjack world Championships please visit the website at

Photo Credit: Flipped Out


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