The weather in much of North America often doesn’t warm up until July these days, but that doesn’t stop motorcycle enthusiastsin Canada and America from getting their bikes out as soon as possible. These are some of the top trips motorcyclists enjoy in those two countries.

1. Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, USA

(Photo by rstone67)

Make sure your bike’s properly tuned up and the brakes are in excellent condition before heading into Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains. A sport bike comes in hand here and you’ll probably run into several riders along the way who are enjoying the wonderful mountain scenery. Some of the best sights can be seen along Highway 129 as you travel between Robbinsville, North Carolina and Maryville, Tennessee.

2. The Pacific Coast Highway, California, USA

(photo by cherrity)

This is one of the most scenic highways in the world, not just North America. This excellent drive more or less starts off in San Juan Capistrano, in between the cities of San Diego and Los Angeles. If LA is too busy for you, then start the journey around Malibu or Santa Monica. The ocean sights will amaze you as you enjoy hundreds of miles of Pacific coastline.

3. Green Mountain National Forest Region, Vermont, USA

(photo by mountaintrekker)

Vermont is perfect for biking as the state’s motto is freedom and unity. If you drive along Highways 100 and 7 you’ll be alongside the Green Mountains, which features some fantastic scenery, curves, and hills.

4. Wyoming to Sturgis, South Dakota, USA

(photo by srab)

Motorcycle enthusiasts from across the globe head here every August for the famous Black Hills rally. This is where they enjoy the camaraderie of fellow bikers, some hard partying, and the freedom of the countryside. The ride offers some great scenery on the way to the rally.

5. The Great River Road, Minnesota to Mississippi, USA

(photo by enjoyillinois)

This ride takes you alongside the mighty Mississippi River for hundreds of miles and through various states along the way. The Great River Road starts close to Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota and makes its way through Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas, and then Mississippi.

6. The Grand Canyon National Park Area, Arizona

(photo by redbeardmathpirate)

This area in Northern Arizona offers a lot of sites and history. You can access Grand Canyon National Park for just $12 and that will provide you with a seven-day cycling pass. Some of the best sections to ride are along Route 66 and the I-40. The trip feels like you’re headed back in time.

7. Highway 17, Ontario, Canada

(photo by dougtone)

The best way to enjoy a scenic ride down Highway 17 is to get on it just outside of the Canadian capital city of Ottawa, which sits in the eastern part of the province of Ontario. If you get to the Ottawa River and head northwest alongside it, you’ll reach the edge of Algonquin Provincial Park, which is one of the nation’s biggest and most picturesque national parks.

8. Texas Hill Country, Texas, USA

(photo by malloy)

The best place to start this trip is in the historic city of Austin, Texas. It’ll be tempting to stay in Austin, but take your bike out to Highway 290 and then head westward to Texas Hill Country. It won’t take long before the fantastic scenery begins and you’ll never forget the beauty of the area.

9. The Alaska Highway, Alaska, USA

(photo by kitschcafe)

You’ll need to keep your eye out for a variety of animals, but this drive offers some of the most rugged landscape in America. It’s a great way to discover the state and see what it has to offer. The temperature in Alaska might be warmer than you expect during the spring, summer, and fall, so check itout beforehand and dress accordingly.


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