Montreal is a cosmopolitan city and Canada’s second largest. As close to Europe as it is to Vancouver, it combines the two continent’s cultures nicely.

Montreal also holds the distinction of being the second largest metropolis of French speakers after Paris.

The population of Montreal is a mix of West Indians, South Americans, Jews, Greeks, Italians, Chinese, Eastern Europeans and Brits as well as those of French extraction.

Biodome de Montreal

The science center and zoo is in the former home of the Olympic velodrome. There are four ecosystems featured such as the Polar worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic, The St. Lawrence Marine Ecosystem, the Laurentian Forest and a lush Tropical Rainforest.

You can explore a number of interpretive panels and the Environment Place amphitheater shows films, lectures and performances that all relate to the conservation and protection of the environment.

Musee d’Art Contemporain

This museum is known for featuring exhibits that are controversial and sometimes extraordinary. Contemporary art is showcased in a welcoming and uncluttered setting. The outdoor garden presents sculpture exhibits that change with the season.

A number of temporary exhibits might include photography, artist in residence programs and sculpture. It is home to a number of Canadian artists whose works are on permanent display.

Redpath Museum

The Redpath Museum opened its doors to the public in 1882. The style of architecture, Greek Revival and Victorian Classicism is an award winning example. Inside visitors can browse the collection of natural history that includes both modern and prehistoric animals, precious stones, rocks and crystals.

The main display area is dominated by a dinosaur skeleton which will thrill adults and kids of all ages. The best thing about the Redpath Museum is the price of admission; it’s absolutely free!

Just for Laughs Museum

Imagine a visit to a museum that is focused solely on comedy. A visit to the Just for Laughs Museum takes you on a journey of the history of laughs and guffaws. The Abracadabra Exhibit is a favorite for kids, a tour that takes place over the last 500 years of what types of comedy were popular over the years.

There is even a comedy hall of fame at the “Immortals of Comedy” that showcases comedic pioneers. It is an unusual museum that shouldn’t be missed whenever you are in the beautiful, bustling, sophisticated city of Montreal.


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