Did you know that every year for nine days in September there is a festival in Black Rock Nevada that is called The Burning Man Festival? That’s right.

burning man festival nevedaThe Burning Man Festival is a party and circus side-show all wrapped into one. There are poetry readings, dancing, music and painting and even tarot card reading.

The whole experience is about self-expression and costumes. The performers are interactive and include the audience and this whole thing takes place in the desert.

There are so many travel destinations in the world that are outside of your typical warm and tropical or snow and skiing travel plans. There is history and urban legend and even romance in places you would never suspect.

We have outlined a few of the odd and unusual travel destinations for those of you who are getting a tad bored with your travel plans and experiences.

Transylvania RomaniaThe latest vampire trend has a macabre place in Romania on the map. Transylvania Romania is the home to the real live Dracula’s Castle, Snagov Monestery, Sighisoara Medieval Citadel and the Salt Mines of Turda.

Travel to Transylvania may be a bit on the macabre side but for the horror buff or individual interested in vampires or the dark side this would be the perfect travel destination for you.

There are tours given by a tour operator daily and various spots relative to once-upon-a-time real live vampires are pointed out. Dracula’s Castle was built hundreds of years ago in 1377 and you can also see his burial place.

There is art by an artist made entirely of spider webs and even has underground tunnels through the Salt Mines of Turda. There is also a 1,000 step stairway up to Dracula’s fortress in the Fagaras Mountains.

Fagaras MountainsEver considered going to Calgary in July? Well now we have a given reason for you to do so. Every July in Calgary there is a ten day long festival of Old-West style. The festival is called the Calgary Stampede and nearly everyone in town participates in this fun event.

There is a rodeo, Grandstand Show, vintage tractor pull and even sheep shearing. There are country music bands and square dancing. The Calgary Stampede is a great way to spend a non-boring travel experience.

One of the best ways to take an unconventional trip is to volunteer your time and service in some way. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of volunteer travel opportunities for the traveler who is bored and wants something odd and unusual as well.


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