There are hundreds of beautiful towns to explore in Portugal, and Obidos is one of these. The fortified walled-city of about 3,000 people lies about 40 miles north of the capital city of Lisbon. Obidos basically sits inside of the castle walls and offers visitors plenty of wonderful sites to visit along its medieval streets. These include several ancient churches, including the Santa Maria church.


There are also several excellent shops, restaurants and hotels in the picturesque town and there’s a pousada at the top of the castle. This is basically a historic site in which you can stay overnight. The town is also famous for its cherry liquor, known as ginjinha and from the top of the castle you can see the lovely scenery of the surrounding countryside.

The town may be small, but it offers a lot of history dating back to Roman domination of the area. The Portuguese royal family also had a lot of connections with Obidos throughout the years.

Obidos is easy to get to as there are several luxury coaches that run daily from Lisbon’s Campo Grande bus station. The trip takes about an hour and costs approximately U.S. $8 each way.  There are also trains that run the town. Both the bus and train offer excellent views of the Portuguese countryside.

Walking around the town will take you back in time and it’s hard to walk its streets without sensing the history that’s oozing out of them.


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