There is no gainsaying that an international road trip is a breath-taking experience in itself, and if you decide to take one, you are tested on a number of parameters—courage, risk-taking, and what not. However, we are not here to talk about these parameters; instead, we will talk about a few amazing places which can be covered by road from India.

The destinations finding a place in this list are gifted with picturesque landscapes, brilliant travel opportunities for those traveling on a budget and of course, amazing connectivity with India among many other things.

5 Incredible Road Trips you can Take from India

So, without further ado, we shall take you on a trip to five incredible places which you could travel to from India by road.

1. Nepal

If you are really going to cover amazing road trips destinations close to India, you cannot miss out on Nepal.

Nepal is a quintessential example of a country blessed with infinite beauty and humble society. The country invites travelers whole-heartedly and gives away some of the best experiences to people.

Nepal is one of the closest road trip destinations from India—the best route to enter the country is via the Sunauli border in the state of Uttar Pradesh which is approximately 180 km from the city of Gorakhpur. You can reach Nepal from New Delhi in about 3 days.

The documents needed to travel to Nepal are Indian driving license and a photo ID proof.

Once you are here in Nepal, you get to see snow-clad mountains, peaceful stupas, and thick forests!

2. Bhutan

The charm of Bhutan is beyond comparison—this tiny, landlocked country is considered one of the happiest countries in the world with very limited modern-day developmental activities with a view to protecting Bhutanese culture and traditions from encroachment.

Bhutan gets the highest number of its visitors from India, and therefore, it will be very easy for you to mix in the society and travel more comfortably.

In order to enter Bhutan, take the route via the Jaigaon-Phuntsholing border in the state of West Bengal. The route connects you to major cities of Bhutan—Paro and Thimphu.

The total distance between New Delhi and Bhutan by road is about 1400 km which could be covered in about 5 days.

As far as documentary requirements are concerned, you will need an Indian driving license, a Photo ID proof, prior registration of the vehicle at the immigration post on the phuntsholing border.

Once done with all formalities, you are all welcomed to dive in the mysticism of this small but magnificent kingdom.

3. Myanmar

Before we talk about anything relating to Myanmar, you should know that this road trip may be a bit challenging so prepare your mind before leaving.

The best route to travel to Myanmar is through the newly constructed Delhi to Bangkok Highway. However, before that, you will need to complete a number of formalities for international tourists at Border checkpoints.

As said earlier, the trip can be backbreaking, but we promise it will be no less than heavenly once you are there in the country. You will get to see the scintillating golden pagodas, vibrant traditions, ancient architecture, and expansive landscapes.

It might take you 9 days to cover 2400 km distance from Delhi. Documents needed are a valid passport, a carnet, a VISA and special permits.

4. Bangladesh

There are many routes to enter this vibrant neighbor of ours. Upon the completion of all necessary formalities at border checkpoints, you will get to experience massive rivers, amiable locals, ancient architecture, and what not.

The total distance between Delhi and Bangladesh by road is about 1400 km which you could be able to cover in 5 days. You will need a passport, carnet, a VISA and special permits.

5. Thailand

Thailand is one of those few countries which share striking resemblances with India in a number of areas such as food choices, landscape, culture, and what not. So, naturally, you will feel at home when far from home.

For a comfortable road trip to Thailand, the newly-constructed Delhi-Myanmar-Thailand Highway is the route. The distance from Delhi is about 3000 km and might take you as long as 13 days to complete the trip. However, once you are there, you find everything you might expect—nightlife, buzzing markets, churches and temples, and luscious cuisines.

You will need a valid passport, an international driving license, Visa special permits, and a carnet. These formalities are mandatory so give proper attention to these documentary requirements if you wish to avoid any glitches.


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