There is always a reason why to visit Sicily – the Italian culture and nature treasury is attracting millions of tourists each year.

There is one place, which is an absolute “must see” in Sicily – the island of Salina. Salina is a typical Sicilian island that possesses beauty, nature and the colorful Italian way of living. Here the fishermen and local traditions are turning your vacations into a great experience to taste.


( Photo by albireo2006 )

In fact, the Sicilian Island is popular, because this is the location where the Francis Ford Coppola has chosen to shot some scenes of the Godfather and especially the part where Michael Corleone is hidden in Sicily.

Another advantage of your Salina vacation is the stunning view of the Aeolian Islands. Take a boat to Panarea, a spot known as the Italian St. Tropez. Here you will see a small harbor with super exclusive yachts and Hollywood stars.

Nearby Salina is also built the palace of the iconic designer Dolce & Gabbana, whose architecture is also part of the Salina island beauty.

The island is easy to access. It lies only minutes away from Catania and Palermo and it is accessible with car. There are no direct flights, but that’s part of Salina magic, which is promising privacy and natural experience.


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