Traveling can be quite expensive, especially when traveling to another country.

London is a fabulous holiday destination and here are a list of attractions compiled that are absolutely free leaving you money for shopping and fine dining.

Changing of the Guard

If you want to see a true display of British ceremony and pomp you can see the Changing the Guard that is held right outside the Queen’s residence, Buckingham Palace.

Music sets the scene where a member of the Queen’s guard exchanges places with the prior guard. They are dressed in bearskin hats and red tunics which is the traditional uniform.

The Changing Guard occurs at 11AM but you should check the schedule before you go because this ceremony only takes place on particular days outside the Palace.

The Ceremony of the Keys

Each evening, a 700 year tradition takes place at the Tower of London. Wearing a Tudor bonnet and a long red tunic, The Chief Yeoman Warder carries a candle and is responsible for locking the main gate and then he gives the keys to the Resident Governor of the Tower.

Though the tickets to this ceremony are free, you will need to book your ticket by written application at least 2 months in advance.

Kenwood House

Kenwood house is one of Britain’s stately homes. It can be found perched at Hampstead Head at the edge of a rolling meadow. Spectacular white stucco decorates the house and inside you can find a magnificent library that is one of the most decorated in the world.

Also inside is an exquisite collection of paintings of such artists as Gainsborough, Reynolds, Turner, Vermeer and Rembrandt.

Sir John Soane’s Museum

The former home of Sir John Saone houses a collection of amazing antiquities and curios. He amassed his fabulous collection from every corner of the globe.

Today they are on display in the former home of Sir John Saone and give visitors an insight into the life and times of a gentleman that was truly extraordinary.

RAF Museum

The Royal Air Force Museum has a number of artifacts from numerous battles. You can see more than eighty aircrafts that are on display along with photographs, weapons and uniforms.

You can even experience a Battle of Britain show complete with lights and sounds. There is also a helipad and a flight simulator of a Red Arrows. Only attempt the simulation if you have nerves of steel.


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