Lately anyone who loves adventures and extreme pleasures is going to visit Papua New Guinea. This adventure promises to be like nothing else, compared to everything you had experienced before.

papua new guineaPapua lays north of Australia in the South Pacific and possess undiscovered beauty. Here are over 1000 distinct cultures and nearly 860 local languages. The history, the nature and the native traditions are indescribable and amazing.

Here you can practice all the water sports including surf, diving and etc. In case you are there, you will be offered to climb an active volcano, to have a dinner with the local aborigines and to go hunting for artifacts in the Sepic River Alley. Local people there still wear their ceremonial masks, bone daggers and practicing outstanding customs.

One of the most famous parts of your adventure will be the Scull Caves of Milne Bay. There is a local legend, which conceals secrets and a spiritual story. Your guiders will be exactly the natives that will show you what is behind the legend of Milne Bay.

Papua New Guinea still has its undiscovered virgin jungles, where no one ever set a foot. This journey is only for those of you that love the true spirit of exploring new worlds and new challenges.


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