caribbeanA vacation in the Caribbean has a lot to offer, beautiful white sandy beaches, a variety of water sport facilities and most importantly endless sunshine.

It is now deemed the leading destination for tourists worldwide.

The geography of the area is made up of a series of small islands all of which have something different to offer.

In Trinidad the annual carnival is known throughout the four corners of the planet and Tobago is home to the most ancient preserved rainforest. Another caribbean island called Saba is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Eco tourists are well served by the Caribbean with Belize in particular having numerous nature reserves and park lands. Anguilla is a haven for birds and endless species of reptiles because of its flatness and wonderful beaches.

Swimmers will enjoy the leeward part of Aruba with its honeyed beaches whilst the other side is windy suiting surfers and kite flyers. Antigua too has some great beaches and is also the home of the infamous Nelson dockyard.

For those seeking mountains Dominica will be the biggest drawn with its varying climate and lush vegetation. The geography here is perfect for those looking for adventures in the form of botany trips, river bathing and plenty of hikes across difficult terrain.

No-one should miss the legendary Jamaica or the very historic Georgetown. Kaiteur is a waterfall that is possibly the tallest in the whole world. With so many things to offer it no surprise that the Caribbean is so popular and it is somewhere people return to year after year.


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