There are some journeys that leave us speechless. For those of you, who would like to see the last wonders of the nature, the destination is one –Iran! There was discovered the largest salt cave in the world.

salt cave

The name of the cave is 3N Cave and it was explored by the special researchers’ team, called Namak. Namak is a multi international project, whose members are Scientists and researchers from the U.S., Iran and Czech Republic.

salt cave1

The project discovered 3N cave and their discovery amazed the world. 3N is 6580 m long, which is extremely unusual for a salt cave. Till 2006 the largest salt cave in the world is the Melham Cave, located in Israel. Practically 3N Cave is nearly 900 m longer than the Israeli cave.

salt cave2

Till 2006, 3N was divided on three separated caves, very close to each other. During an expedition of the Namak team, they finally found a connection between these three caves.

salt cave3

Now the whole system is called 3N and what is magnificent about it is that the cave is changing its position in time and especially during the rainy season. The cave is open for visitors and turns to be the biggest attraction in Iran lately.


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