It was in 1995 that volcanic eruptions overwhelmed two thirds of the lower island of Montserrat.

An ash covered wasteland, Plymouth the capitol was the only town of significance in 1997.

Those 5000 people that weren’t affected by the eruptions live on one third of the northern side of the island. Today new settlements are growing over the sheer hills of brown.

The green hills that inspired comparisons to the greenery of Ireland are all scarred by lava flows and ash.

But don’t count Montserrat out as a vacation destination. You can stay on one of the many nearby islands and make day trips to see the devastation and some interesting sights you won’t see on any other Caribbean Islands.

Green Monkey Dive Shop

Die hard scuba divers will find a dive service that is fully equipped. They also offer a rental facility for water sports on Little Bay located on the Southern Shore. You can rent kayaks, kits for snorkeling, take diving lessons or get better qualifications if you are already an experienced diver.

The Green Monkey Dive Shop will take you to some dive spots that are unspoiled. You might also decide to take a boat tour to explore the island and see Plymouth from the water while you relax on the deck and sip cocktail while making new friends.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory

No visit to Montserrat would be complete without a visit to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory. Scientists on site will be more than happy to share information with visitors. Their extensive knowledge on the eruptions, history and the reasons for the geological volcanic activity is priceless.

There are plenty of pictures to remind folks of the devastation that the eruption wreaked on Plymouth the former capitol of Montserrat.

Jack Boy Hill Viewing Facility

The Jack Boy Hill Viewing Facility gives visitors a total view of the devastation of the volcanic eruption that occurred in 1995. You can see the volcano itself, the environs that surround it that includes the airport that has been abandoned and the Eastern Villages that were destroyed.

The facility has a picnic area, a viewing platform, concession stands, grills for barbequing, a mini trail and areas that are landscaped. There are also bathroom facilities and telescopes that allow viewers to zoom in to see the volcano up close. Most visitors have deemed the experience breathtaking and not to be missed.


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