If you’re a fan of the circus, then you’re bound to enjoy the annual Surin Elephant Round Up that’s ready to take place over in the city of Surin, Thailand on Nov. 20th and 21st2010.  The popular festival will take place at the Sri Narong Stadium.

The event attracts thousands of visitors of all ages to the stadium each year as they gather to watch about 250 trained elephants put on a wild and wacky show for them. Some of the spectacular events include elephant tug-of-war, football, log-pulling, and a variety of other skills and demonstrations. There’s also a parade involving the elephants where they’re outfitted in medieval warfare.

You don’t have to wait until Nov. 20 to enjoy the fun though. It all starts the week leading up to the Elephant Round Up as there’s a huge parade that takes place through the city streets as well as a bustling market close to the which operates all week long.

On the morning of Friday Nov. 19th you can witness the biggest mass feeding of elephants in the world during the ‘elephant breakfast,’ where the streets are filled with munchies for the enormous animals to enjoy.

The main festival offers several parades as well as interesting and educational demonstrations that deal with all of the aspects of an elephant’s working life. The grand finale features a parade of all the elephants and over 1,000 costumed participants.

For more information on the Surin Elephant Round-Up, visit surin.go.th


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