The French Polynesian region in the South Pacific Ocean is one of the most beautiful on the planet. There are many spectacular islands to visit that offer breathtaking scenery and views. These are among the best of them.

1. Bora Bora


This is one of the world’s most famous tropical islands. From the air, it looks like an emerald sitting in a turquoise setting. It has everything you could expect from a tropical paradise, including crystal-clear waters, excellent sandy beaches, and a fantastic climate.

2. Maupiti


This is regarded as the Society Islands’ unexploited gem as it is quite similar to Bora Bora, but doesn’t have as many visitors. This means you have more time and room to explore the amazing scenery.

3. Tetiaroa


This island features some wonderful secluded beaches. However, you won’t find any hotels to stay in on the island as it’s inhabited solely by Simon Teihotu Brando, son of the famous actor Marlon Brando.

4. Tahiti


The famous island of Tahiti is most populated and largest of those in French Polynesia. Most visitors to this spectacular piece of land call it heaven on earth.

5. Tahaa


This lovely place is also known as the Vanilla Island, since it smells quite like vanilla. Tahaa features a fantastic lagoon that’s filled with an amazing assortment of sea-life.

6. Raiatea


This island lies inside of a single barrier reef and shares a lagoon with the island of Tahaa. The historical and cultural background is very rich and is a good way to explore it is by paying a visit to its legendary temples.

7. Moorea


This island is actually the second-most visited in French Polynesia after Tahiti. The breathtaking island is surrounded by a translucent green lagoon, azure sea views, and soft, sandy beaches.


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