One of the most stunning natural creations is caves. While some caves are absolutely inaccessible to humans, many offer great tourism opportunities, attracting throngs of tourists and adventure-mongers from across the globe. However, there are many beautiful and majestic caves in the world, and, thus, the selection task could be challenging.Intriguing caves in the world

Here are top 5 caves in the world that may feed your intrigue:

1.Ice Cave, near Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia

Russia offers some wondrous experiences to tourists, and one of them is Ice cave. The cave is formed from the glaciers around the Mutnovsky Volcano and is characterised by an almost transparent roof, which may remind you of a grand cathedral. What is more interesting about this cave is that it was discovered only recently in 2012, and within that short period of time, it has become a sensational place.

2. Vatnajokull Glacier Cave, Iceland

Iceland is among the prettiest and breath-taking countries in the world. It offers plentiful mind-blowing experiences, including Vatnajokull Glacier Cave.

Vatnajokull Glacier Cave is situated in Vatnajokull Glacier, which is incidentally the largest glacier in Europe. Beautiful it may be, it is pretty dangerous to visit in summertime and springtime owing to the possibility of collapse; however, wintertime is the best time to visit.

3. Benagil Cave, Algarve, Portugal

Internationally known as Algar de Benagil, the cave is considered to be among the most astonishing sea caves in the world and has been shortlisted among the coolest caves by The Huffington Post.

The cave is characteristically difficult to access and is only accessible by kayak or boat—if you are a venturesome swimmer, you can swim across the cave, but only when ocean seems gentle. Whatever mode you choose, a dumbfounding experience is sure to happen to you.

4. Harrison’s cave, Barbados

Christened after the owner of the area, Thomas Harrison, the caves were made accessible to thepublic in the year 1981. It is created naturally through water erosion by means of the limestone rock. The tour will generally begin from The Great Hall—a mammoth cavern—and followed by a halt at the Village.

It is interesting to note that the caves were re-discovered by Ole Sorenson, a cave adventurer by hobby and an engineer by profession, in 1974 and was subsequently designated as a show cave by the Barbados government. Ever since then, the caves have contributed immensely to tourism.

5. Glowworm Cave, New Zealand

If you are searching for magic, you can find it at Glowworm Cave. The cave is as beautiful as stars—all thanks to glowworms which are about the size of a typical mosquito. The cave is essentially a part of the famous Waitomo Cave system alongside the Aranui Cave and the Ruakuri Cave.

The cave is an inseparable part of New Zealand’s tourism industry, which may offer you an experience of a lifetime. All you need is a boat to sail through the cave under a canvas studded with glowworms all over.


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