In case you are wondering where to spend the New Year celebrations, here are the most famous places surrounded by thousands of people that are counting the last minutes of the old year. New York is of course one of the most famous destinations in this matter and Times Square is the right place to feel the spirit of the New Year celebration.

Each year at Times Square millions of people gather together in an extremely festive atmosphere and celebrate together their hopes for the New Year. There are also lots of iconic attractions such as the Ball Drop at One Times Square and Dick Clark`s New Year`s Rocking Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

new york

Usually the mayor of New York and some of the most famous singers and actors are there to sing and spend the last minutes of the year together with the crowd. It may sound like a cliché, but this is one of the most festive destinations, where the experience is really different, especially at the New Year Eve. Another amazing destination that offers a lot in this matter is the legendary city of New Orleans.

The capital of sin, as many people call the city is always open to a major New Year party and usually this is a party to remember. Free drinks, singers, actors and many attractions are just a part of the New Year Eve plan there.

The popular Bourbon Street is full of happy people, and the atmosphere is unforgettable. In case you want to attend the official countdown, then simply take your place in Jackson Square.

New Orleans is a popular New Year destination for singles, but in case you want to celebrate with your family, Boston is the right city for you. The popular “First Night” celebrations are one of the main reasons why to choose Boston in the New Year Eve.

The city offers nearly 250 exhibitions and performances by artists from all over the world. The drinks and the food are free, so you will surely enjoy the festive atmosphere of Boston.  In case you want to travel abroad, Europe offers amazing New Year celebrations.


Paris and London are two of the biggest European cities, where the celebrations are amazingly beautiful, but if you really want something exotic then choose Brazil, where you can celebrate the New Year at the beach. Australia also has great New Year parties and you can taste an amazing experience there.


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