Of course you do not need an excuse in order to get away from the daily concerns and head out to a romantic or friendly weekend.

sisters volcanoes oregon

But Valentine’s Day is meant to be this kind of excuse, whether you like it or not! So here are a few destinations you can choose from this month.

In Oregon, for example, you will be delighted to find various options for bed and breakfast accommodations.

Most of them will be ready for romantic retreat so if you happen to be in the area, do not miss the occasion to enjoy their treats.

The specialists in the field recommend that you forgot about the little insignificant gifts and instead choose to live the Valentine’s Day to the fullest by going out with your beloved partner or your friends, even all by yourself if that makes you happy.

Try skiing or sledging, a massage or a few hours in the spa and you will see afterwards how much it actually meant for your mood. Food is another component we should not forget to mention.

Chocolate is a well established tradition when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but this time try something new and exciting. Chocolate makers are launching something surprising every few weeks so make sure you put your hands on one of those specialties.

As for a fancy dinner, there are always many options available, but anyone can assure you there is nothing like dining at the light of the fireplace after a long day of walking in the nature.


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