If you’d like to see the coolest race on earth, you’ll have to head to Antarctica’s King George Island on Feb. 28 for the annual Antarctica Marathon. This amazing race run in the summer season in the Antarctic, but it still features sub-zero temperatures. Runners wrap themselves up warmly and take off on the half-marathon or full-marathon circuit.


However, it’s such a hard race to complete without stopping to witness the fantastic sights along the way. These include seals, whales, penguins, and icebergs. The scenery is so breathtaking and unique that it’s hard to concentrate on the tough task at hand. But even though it may be freezing cold, there’s usually no snow when the marathon’s held and normal running shoes can usually be worn.

The marathon was born in 1995 and the route also passes by the islands’ Chilean, Russian, Chinese, and Uruguayan research bases. Historians and scientists are on hand to offer interesting lectures, and wildlife excursions are offered in remote areas. These allow you to see the penguins and seals at close range.

The Antarctica Marathon is so popular with competitors that it is often filled years in advance as people want to challenge themselves in the world’s toughest race.


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