Mexico is famous for its fantastic beaches and Mayan and Aztec ruins and pyramids. However, there’s a lot more to this historic country and that’s why it’s the 10th most visited nation in the world when it comes to vacationers.

These are 7 of the best and most popular things about Mexico.

About Visiting Mexico

1. The History

When it comes to history, Mexico is very rich indeed. Mayans, Aztecs, Hernan Cortez, and Montezumaare just the tip of the historical iceberg. The history of the nation is quite colourful and sometimes a little complex. It’s believed that there were at least 12 different pre-Columbian civilizations which rose to prominence and then fell in the area that’s now known as Mexico.

The country has belonged to several different empires over the years. These include the Olmec around 1500 BC and the Bourbon in 1821. The land was rich in silver and it helped finance the Spanish economy for a few hundred years. In addition, descendants of Cuauhtémoc, who was the last Aztec emperor ascended into Spanish nobility.

Mexico has also been home to revolutions, revolts, republics, monarchies, dictatorships, and more throughout the years. The amazing thing is that archaeologists are continually unearthing more historical sites each year. The best places to learn about Mexican history are the Museum of Anthropology and Museum of History in Mexico City.

2. The Music

The most popular style of music in Mexico with visitors is usually mariachi. However, if you wander down to the Mazatlan waterfront you’ll likely hear some wonderful sounds coming from a group of local townsfolk playing an assortment of brass instruments in a style known as banda.

Some of the other popular styles incorporate traditional drumming, dance performance, and acoustic guitar and vocals in an assortment of styles such as tamborazo, and ranchera. You may also find yourself hearing a cantador singing love ballads in local restaurants.

3. The People

The people of Mexico are made up of over 50 different indigenous groups. This means that just about all citizens of Mexico have indigenous blood in them. Mexicans are very friendly indeed and proud of their culture and heritage.

4. The Food

Mexican food is quite famous, but there’s a lot more to it than tacos, fajitas, burritos, chile peppers, refried beans, and tomatoes. Actually, corn is the foundation of most Mexican dishes. People there have been creating corn tortillas by hand for centuries with locally produced yellow, white, red and blue-corn mesa. You’ll also find some excellent vegetables, seafood, and meat dishes.

5. The Water

Mexico is home to some of the world’s greatest beaches as the warm, crystal clear water kisses the sand all along its coastlines. You’ll also find that the country has some great pools of water up in the mountains as well as hot mineral waters. Some of the best areas for inland water are Los Azufres National Park, which is located in Michoacán, and Lake Chapala, which lies in Jalisco.

6. The Weather

Mexico enjoys some of the best weather on the planet. Yes, it’s true that the odd hurricane will blow through, but most of the time country is quite warm and agreeable with visitors. In the nation’s middle highlands you’ll find the temperatures are usually in the low 80s every afternoon and the low 60s when the sun goes down. The beach resorts are kept comfortable by onshore breezes and the mountain regions are also quite warm.

7. The Mountains

Along with the fantastic beaches, Mexico is filled with many beautiful mountains and volcanoes. There are several famous mountain ranges in the country, such as the Sierra Madre Oriental), the Sierra Madre Occidental, and the Sierra Madre del Sur.


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