bled sloveniaBled located in Slovenia, is a pristine island visited by numerous tourists each year.

It is set in the turquoise waters of the Lake Bled and visitors to the island often use it as a wedding site, where the ceremonies are held in the Church of the Assumption, a 15th century Baroque building.

Tradition has it that the union will be a lucky one if the bridegroom can manage to carry his bride up the 99 steps leading to the church from the dock.

Another local tale also narrates that if you make the bells of the Church of Assumption toll three times your wishes will be granted.

The bell tower of the church boasts three bells built in the 15th century and made in Ljubljana, the capital, while in the interior of the church you can admire remains of frescoes painted by illusionist artists depicting religious images.

Pletnas are very colourful canvas covered gondolas steered by oars, these boats are the symbols of the island and are handmade using five types of selected wood, and these boats are so valued that the building rights are passed on through generations.

Tourists often arrive to the island in a Pletnas, for boats with engines are not allowed on the lake in order to preserve this natural environment. Lake bled has also hosted three world-rowing championships due to its famous rowing tradition.

Hanging over the cliff of the north shore of Lake Bled is Bled mediaeval castle, which is one of Slovenia’s most ancient mediaeval fortresses.

The lake is surrounded by the backdrop of the Julian Alps and the Gorenjska region and alpine springs fall into its waters.

In winter the lake actually freezes and skaters enjoy frolicking on the lake’s surface, while in the summer swimmers, divers and fishermen enjoy the beauty of its waters.


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