With pyramids, temples, hot golden sand and its rich mystique culture, Egypt is one of the most desirable places to visit.

However, while visiting, because of the cities which are not like the European ones, the visitors should consider some facts to spend more peaceful time. (Egypt holidays)

First of all, although Egypt is not a dangerous country, in tourist seasons, because of the crowd, wallets can be gone easier. Be sure to watch important objects and wallets which contain vital things such as passports, credit cards and money.egypt

In order to avoid this fact, negotiating with a guide service might be a better idea than traveling alone. The service would offer multiple options and give a broad perspective of places to visit.

Also for the food, the guide service would help to eat in places where the stomachs will be happy because unfortunately not all the oil types used for cooking will be suitable for European or American stomach.

Considering the food, giving a proper amount of tip is an important issue. In Egypt, giving tips is so important that some people only live with tips. Usually a 12% service charge is taken in Egypt restaurants.

After eating and negotiating with an appropriate guide service, a hotel[Luxury Hotels] to stay should be chosen. Usually, a 3-star hotel in US is a 4-star hotel in Egypt. Also other than 5-star hotels, some multinational born 3-star hotels might give better services. It is recommended to choose the hotel with the guide service or ask someone who has been to Egypt before.

While being careful to these tips, enjoy the mystique atmosphere of the cities and feel the Isis and Horus legends near you. Egypt is a place worth visiting.


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