Quebec CityBelieve it or not there are brides who have always dreamed of a winter wedding. Winter weddings in the Midwest can offer beautiful snow-tipped cities and the nostalgic feeling of the holidays.

Therefore, a winter wedding would require a winter honeymoon. So, what spots are the best, most romantic and beautiful winter holiday honeymoon destinations?

We have researched some of the most popular winter honeymoon destinations and put our favorites together for you.

I have actually been to the first destination on our list and that is Quebec City, Canada. Quebec City, Canada is the epitome of history, beauty, architecture and romance. The buildings and cathedrals in Quebec City are beautifully preserved and you can sense so much history there.

At the same time, the city is cosmopolitan and has the ‘big-city’ feel for evenings you aren’t feeling like taking in the history and architecture. Quebec City is considered the Paris, France of North America. Winters in Quebec City are absolutely breath-taking and intimate.

Aspen Colorado is most known for three aspects; the hiking and outdoor scenery, the nightlife and amenities that come with the accommodations and the skiing. There are a plethora of activities and things to do in Aspen during the holidays as well as numerous inns, bed and breakfasts and romantic accommodations to stay in for a honeymoon.

You can walk down the street during the day stopping at antique stores and lunching at little local cafes. The shopping and people in Aspen are wonderful as well.

Lake Tahoe is a very romantic destination year round and that includes during the winter months. Of course Lake Tahoe offers incredible skiing amenities and accommodations but Lake Tahoe also provides guests with beautiful lodging options and romantic nightlife.

Most people consider two separate Lake Tahoe communities; the North Shore and the South Shore. Lake Tahoe’s North Shore is quaint, quiet, romantic and relaxing. There are little taverns and boutiques and you really feel the historic and tradition aspects of the area.

Lake Tahoe South Shore community is more energetic and explosive. The south shore is comparable to mini-Vegas with restaurants and bars, people and traffic and a variety of people and amenities.

All three of these romantic winter honeymoon destinations; Quebec City, Canada, Aspen, Colorado and Lake Tahoe have romance, intrigue and activity to offer their recently wedded guests.


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