While the world is filled with beautiful and amazing sights, there are also some pretty strange ones on display out there.

In fact, some of them look like they just don’t belong, such as upside down trees and other physics-defying objects.

While you’re not exactly traveling in the Twilight Zone, these are some of the oddest sites and sights that you may see on our wondrous planet.

1. New Zealand: The Moeraki Boulders

The Moeraki Boulders

There are actually several odd sites in New Zealand, but the oddest is on the east side of the South Island near a small fishing village. When you reach Koekohe Beach, you’ll find that an endless pounding of waves are creating the Moeraki Boulders.

There are more than 50 of these huge round boulders that have reached the shore. They were formed over the past 4 million years with the biggest one being about 7 feet in diameter and 7 tons in weight.

2. Iceland: The Geothermal Regions


In Iceland, just under and sometimes over top of the land’s surface, there are geothermal forces which create some unique landscapes. You’ll find colorful sulfur ponds, steam vents, and boiling in these areas, all surrounded by magnificent volcanoes.

If you head to the northeastern part of the nation, near Lake Myvatn, you’ll get a good look at these steaming and boiling holes in the ground. In the southern part of Iceland, you’ll find several active geysers as well as the Blue Lagoon springs.

3. Turkey: Pamukkale

Turkey Pamukkale

In Turkish, Pamukkale translates into cotton castle. It’s a white chalky creation that’s looks like snow, but it’s actually a hot spring area which has been formed by underground volcanic activity. It’s a popular World Heritage Site and is protected by the government so the area can return to a natural state. You can still enter the pools and enjoy the warm water.

4. Yemen: Socotra Island

Yemen Socotra Island

Socotra is actually a small archipelago that sits in the Indian Ocean just off coast of Yemen. It’s quite a remote area and you can access the main island by plane or boat. Because of its location, the island is home to many unique plants. In fact, about a third of them can only be found on this island and nowhere ales on the globe.

It’s a UNESCO world natural heritage site and the most unique species is the Dragon Blood Tree. It features upturned branches that hold up an umbrella-shaped, green crown. You’ll also find the unique Cucumber Tree here.

5. California, USA: Racetrack Playa

Racetrack Playa

This is a dry lake that sits next to the famous Death Valley. The intense heat dries and cracks the lakebed during the dry season. What you’ll notice here are the boulders that you’ll find. There are tracks along the dusty lake bed which indicates that the boulders have moved across the dry landscape even though some of them weigh as much as 700 lbs.

The boulders are known as sailing stones, but nobody’s witnessed one moving. It’s believed that whenrain falls and softens the lakebed, the rocks are pushed by the area’s high winds. Others believe when the lakebed freezes the rocks slide across it from the winds.


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