Unlike fashion, accessories in travel are more about practicality than creating an image. Accessories are an important aspect of any travel and more so international travel where one is transported to a different setting altogether. Here is a list of 10 essential accessories that should make way into your travel baggage.

1. Universal Power Adapter

Universal Power Adapter

Given our dependence on gadgets, the need for a universal power adapter is well justified. Whether you are on a vacation or business, it makes sense to find out the electrical point specifications of the country you are travelling to. If your itinerary involves visiting different countries then consider getting a universal adapter that can fit into the plug points of any country.

2. Travel Pillows

Travel Pillows

If your travel involves long journey durations then you would, in all probability, be catching up on your sleep on a flight or a car. In such a scenario, getting the right support for your neck and head is very important so that you sleep comfortably. Today almost all airports and travel stores stock on travel pillows of varying shapes and sizes. Specific neck pillows are also available. See which one suits your needs and add them to your list of travel accessories.

3. Sleep Sheet

Sleep Sheet

A sleep sheet is an ideal companion for any kind of travel. Whether you are a backpacker or a regular vacationer, carrying a sheet and pillow of your own always makes sense. It is of particular use for campers who can enjoy the comfort of a bit of their own home. As compared to sleeping bags these are very light and are for those trips where protection from cold is not the priority. You can either buy one from the travel store or make one for yourself.

4. Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs

Whether on the airplane or in the waiting lounge, ear plugs can be of immense help to you. It gives you the much required silence to avoid excess stimulation or even the much needed peace for a snooze.

5. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

This is a great product that can be of much help with the number of tools that it carries. From cutting the baguette to opening your bottle of champagne, a Swiss army knife has hundreds of uses on the go.

6. Collapsible Bowls

Collapsible Bowls

These are new additions to travel accessories. Collapsible bowls look like a flat plate but can be drawn out to take the shape of a bowl for your hot cup of soup or a breakfast of oatmeal. Can be washed easily and then retracted to be tucked neatly into your backpack.

7. Portable Water Filters

Portable Water Filters

Water is the main source of contamination among travelers. To avoid falling sick in the middle of your vacation it is best to invest in a portable water purifier. The product will particularly be of use if you are traveling to destinations located in developing nations.

8. Rain Poncho

Rain Poncho

A rain poncho is a light addition to your pack of essentials for travel accessories. Pick one that is larger in size so that it can protect your backpack from any unexpected showers during your trip.

9. Travel Iron

Travel Iron

A travel iron is of great use to those travelling for business purposes. It makes sure that you look neat and tidy for that important meeting with your client.

10. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Though you may have never used one in all these years, we still advice our readers to be fully prepared for eventualities. You can pickup basic first aid kits that are available at any travel store or drug store.


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