Long flights and transit lounges can leave you feeling short on sleep during your air travel. The main hurdles to comfortable sleep when travelling by air is lack of proper neck support. Choosing a right airplanepillow can solve your sleeping woes during your next travel. Some of the criteria to choose from are portability, size, design and neck& head support. Based on these criteria here are some of the latest and best air pillows available for you to choose from.

1. TravelRest


This pillow from TravelRest is a long inflatable pillow that offers optimal neck & head support to its users. It is a long sash-like pillow that can be worn across the body so that you rest on it. Its velvety inflatable texture makes it ideal for users to choose the amount of hardness they desire in their pillow. On deflating it folds up to fit into a small carry bag.

2. Caldera Neck Rest

Caldera Neck Rest

For those with severe neck issues, Caldera Neck Rest is the best solution during travel. It helps keep your neck steady and rested through long flights and thus prevents the development of tension in the neck and shoulders. Though not really a pillow it still qualifies in this category because of its adjustable contour and support required for a comfortable snooze.

3. Travel Nook

Travel Nook

Travel Nook is a great head and neck support pillow that prevents your head from flopping over when sleeping during travel. It is not only inflatable but washable too. It is thus a good product to carry along on your long flights.

4. Air-Mate


The travel pillow by Air-Mate gives you first class comfort instantly. It is an inflatable pillow that is shaped to go round your body looping the neck and extending right down to your lap. The bottom comes with a comfortable cradle like design to support your hands. This light weight pillow comes in a tote of its own.

5. Z Dough

 Z Dough

Memory pillows are the latest range in bedroom products these days. This feature has now been incorporated into a travel pillow that comes in a neck-friendly orthopedic design. If stress knots add to your travel woes then Z Dough is the perfect solution for it. The pillow is made from high quality memory foam, covered in removable velour.

6. Davidsbeenhere


Made of micro fleece, this pillow by Davidsbeenhere is a premium neck support pillow ideal for air-travel, train or automobile. The unique feature of this pillow is that it inflates in just 3-4 breaths. It has been specially tested for feasibility on cross-Atlantic flights.

7. Traveler Neck Pillow

Traveler Neck Pillow

The Traveler Neck Pillow is a good and ergonomic travel accessory that cradles your neck and head during travel in any vehicle. In addition to providing ultimate comfort, it also prevents stiffness and soreness to relieve pressure.

8. Carpenter


Made of cotton and polyester the Carpenter comfort creations travel pillow is ideal for providing neck support in the sleeping position. It comes in a velour cover for ease of wash.

9. Evolution Travel

Evolution Travel

A very comfortable neck and head pillow, this memory foam-based travel pillow by Evolution is a great add-on to your travel accessories. It comes with an external washable cover fitted with earplugs so that you can easily slip into quiet slumber.

10. Neck Pillow

Neck Pillow

The Neck Pillow is a grand new design in neck support pillows. Its high frame is designed to protect the head and the neck from wobbling, while the chin rest is a great innovation to keep the head from flopping forward. We love the complete design of the product as even its bag comes built into the pillow.


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