Are you going for a long holiday? Did you complete packing things for holiday? For short trips, packing is not at all a difficult task.

But, if you are going for long holiday, packing your most essential things can be very tough job for you.

You can miss many of your essential things while packing for long trips. Consequently, you will face lot of problems in your traveling.

If you are confused where to start, what to keep and how to organize things for your packing, here are few useful packing tips for your long trips.

Smart Packing Tips For Long Trips!

First of all, list out essential things!

Prepare a check list [Travel checklist] of all your essentials for your holiday.

This can help you to remember every thing that you need for your holiday. Keep this list along with you during your journey, so that you can use it while repacking your things at your travel destination.

Heed the comfort factor!

It is not necessary to mention that you should never leave on long journey without comfortable clothes or shoes. Don’t immediately run out to buy a new wardrobe for your trip.

Select clothes that are readily available at your wardrobe and are also comfortable for you to use in your journey. You can also try them a couple of times at your home and ensure that they are comfortable for you.

Look for safety!

Ziplock bags can be your best friend during your long trip. Bag all your small items together and squeeze out as much air as possible. This can probably help you to save space.

Keep things that could make mess such as makeup kits, shampoo, etc. away from your clothes. Store all your important documents in safe place or you can store them in your web based email account.

Use rolling technique!

It is believed that to some extent, this rolling technique helps your bags to hold more clothes, rather than folding. So, lay about 5-6 items of your clothing on top of each other and fold them over to half and then roll them together as tightly as possible. It will seem bulky initially, but overall it will take up very less space.

Split up your valuables!

Keep your bank cards, cash, credit cards, jewelry, cameras, mobiles, etc. in different pockets or bags while packing. Unfortunately, if you are robbed or misplaced your things, at least you won’t be strapped for cash.

Consider all these useful tips to make your packing much easier for you. Additionally you can enjoy your travel much easier and it can remain as wonderful memory for you.


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