Travel gadgets are the essential equipment that you need during the whole trip. Here are some essential travel gadgets that you need to take along with you.

Travel Adapter:

Travel adapterThis universal AC travel adapter allows you to charge your laptops, PDAs and mobile phones while you are traveling around the globe.

This adapter is designed to work with all varieties of outlets. This adapter works in places like Asia, Europe, China, U.S. and U.K.

This adapter can handle both 110 and 220-240 volt standard. This universal AC travel adapter allows you to connect to various international power outlets without any complicated power conversion.

This adapter is light weight, easy to carry and pack. There is no need to carry multiple adapters and it provides you with a convenient and reliable power solution.

Electronic Travel Translator:

Travel translatorThis high tech lingo global travel translator converts 11 international languages, they include: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch Russian, Swedish, Italian, Chinese Mandarin, Portuguese and Japanese.

This translator has 705 commonly used travel related sentences per every language.

You can insert voice card to enable voice mate to speak in the required language.

8 major categories help to locate the required sentences, for instance: emergency, general speech, medicine and sightseeing.

16 data files are there to store important information and this travel translator displays 15 cities world time. You can also keep a daily alarm in that translator. 3 language voice cards are there, they include: English, Italian and Spanish.

Multi-purpose Pocket Toolbox:

Pocket toolboxThis multi-purpose travel pocket toolbox has 84 features. You can use this in your house, car or RV.

This travel gadget is perfect for the traveler who really does want to travel with light weight and this whole box of tools in one small handy gadget sized pouch satisfies it.

This space saving tool has a host of functions and it saves you carrying a complete toolkit. This gadget is essential or useful and is perfect when travelling or camping.

This multi-purpose tool kit includes: pliers, wire cutters, knife, screwdrivers, and these are essential for travel, camping, gardening, picnics, biking, fishing, car, bike etc.

Stashcard to store secrets in your laptop:

StashcardDo you know that unused PC card slot in your laptop? You can use it for good purpose. The stashcard is a secrete drawer that can be inserted into your laptop’s PC card slot.

You can keep secrets like memory cards, money, photos, keys, stamps, and many more.

This is a perfect travel gadget to store your valuables.


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