Who doesn’t like to travel? Well and when the travel or trip is laden with luxurious settings and a beautiful destination, who wouldn’t want to grab it with both hands? Every year, new travel destinations emerge as top luxury holiday destinations on the basis of their popularity and number of tourists visiting them. So what are the places on this list in this year, 2015? Well, to find out you can go through the following given information:



When it comes to luxury, the name of no other place but London comes to mind. This city is not just ideal for those looking for fun and adventure but also for those in search of luxury. There are innumerous 5 star and 7 star hotels in London and each one of them redefine luxury.  From massive restaurants to luxury boutiques and from world class food to top quality relaxation, London offers it all.



Another destination that falls on this list is Greece. A holiday on the lovely and pretty Greek islands is what you deserve this year so why not head there. From sitting on roof top cafes and viewing the blue of the ocean and from gettingtop-class spa treatments to getting lost in spectacular views, Greece will excite you, relax you and will leave you wanting for more.

North America

Whether you are looking for luxurious top class hotels or just the luxury of walking on the streets with the skyline view in sight, North America is the perfect tourist destination for anyone looking to relax in the lap of luxury and comfort. From taking lovely helicopter tours to watching spectacular shows, Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas will redefine the way you think of luxury.


turkeyTurkey is fast turning out to be preferred and most popular tourist destinations from around the world and is known for the amalgamation of European and Middle Eastern cultures. Turkey is the place where one can get the true flavor of luxurious holidays and view some spectacular sights. From top class hotels to beautiful mosques and from world class cuisines to a wonderful shopping experience, Turkey should be on your list for this year’s travel for sure.



Who said relaxation wasn’t a luxury in itself? And when you get to relax in a place like Italy, then you would find it hard to get back to your busy city life. Italy is a place for the romantics and for those for whom the meaning of a true holiday is one where he/she could eat, relax, sit back and take in the offerings of the laid back atmosphere.



Paris is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world and not without reason. Paris offers you some wonderful views and top class comfort and luxury. Whether you choose to stay at a 4 star or a lavish 7 star, you will not run out of experiencing luxury.


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