A cramp is a sudden, involuntary and severe muscle contraction. Cramps are usually temporary and not life threatening; it’s accompanied by mild-to-excruciating pain, and somewhat paralysis-like immobility of the muscles. This can last till minutes to hours and is more common during winters.

Cramps can occur due to many reasons – periods, muscle fatigue, lack of electrolytes in the body etc. Getting cramps on holidays is something that no one would wish to have and thus below given are the tips to deal with cramps during vacations:

deal with cramps when on a vacation

  • Carry a phial of mild pain killers such as Aspirin with you in your medicine kit to instantly get rid of your cramps.
  • Heat can help to ease muscles. While on the vacation, in your hotel room, take a hot bath or a steamy shower to ease the cramps. Alternatively you could also carry your heating pads to relieve you of the discomfort of cramps.
  • Even though you are on vacation and eating variety of food might be one of your Family holiday plans but in order to ease cramps, reduce your consumption of salt, sugar or even caffeine. Instead, take lots of milk, yogurt, green leafy vegetables or food rich in Omega-3 acids or Vitamin rich food like fish or seafood.
  • Dehydration is known to intensify menstrual cramps and also cramps due to other reasons like low sodium, potassium etc. Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water and fluids. When choosing any beverage in between your sightseeing expeditions on the vacation, ask for herbal teas containing chamomile or camphor or flaxseed.
  • Do light exercises like a stretching or yoga or Pilates as you wake up first thing in the morning. Do not try anything strenuous as this may aggravate the cramps. Rather take a stroll outside in the lawn of the hotel you are staying at, if it has a lawn. Or else go shopping. The fresh air and light activity will make your cramps relaxed.
  • If the cramp is accompanied by lower back pain, be sure to avoid standing for long periods of time. Sit down at regular intervals even when you are out with everyone to enjoy the vacation.
  • If there is a spa in the hotel you are put up at, then nothing like it. Immediately fix up an appointment to get relief from your cramps. Explain your reasons to ask for a massage when you are speaking to the masseur or the massage therapist. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the vacation in a relaxed way as well as treating your cramps.
  • While having dinner on the vacation, opt for a shot or two of brandy or other liquor to relieve you of your cramps as alcohol is known to relieve muscles.


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