Parenthood is the perhaps the best experience in anyone’s life. We feel far more powerful and accomplished once we trade into that territory. However, it comes with great responsibilities and commitments and many personal sacrifices.

If you are a prospective parent then know this for sure that for the next few years at least you would need to design a significant change in your lifestyle that would suit both you and your baby. That is why a vacation while you are expecting is much needed and important too.

A vacation known as ‘babymoon’ when you can enjoy yourself to the fullest while you are happy about your pregnancy. You must not forget to consult your doctor and take his advice on whether or not you can travel. However, if you are allowed to travel at all here are some amazing places that you can go for a ‘babymoon’ vacation.

Topnotch Resort & Spa; Stowe, Vermont

topnotch resort & spaBe it lounging around the fireside in winter or smelling the fresh blooms of spring and summer, this resort can be a haven of perfection for the expecting mothers. With facilities of a golf course, swimming pools, and even relaxing spas all year round this place has it all.

Breakfast in bed is a popular specialty and a favorite of this place and it prides itself in indulging you when you crave for all those junk food always.If you are tired of sitting within your room for far too long, then you can take a trip to the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory and also tour the Trapp Family Lodge which was the home of the von Trapp family in 1942.

Peter Island Resort; British Virgin Islands

peter island resortThis place specializes in everything that has to do with the relaxing your pregnant nerves. From pregnancy-specific spa treatment to picnics everything is incorporated here. However, if you bump into a couple of other babymoon vacationers then you can hit the jackpot. With a joint request you can enroll yourself into Prepare for Baby Week course which teaches you “How to Relax and Have your Baby”. It caters to prepping you up from childbirth to your first breast feeding.

The Westin New York at Times Square; New York, New York

If you are looking for an experience that would not keep you away from the trendy haute couture then this is the place to be. In fact you can go through their list of the city’s most popular baby names ranging from each hood. Then while you relax in your spa you can ponder while indulging yourself.

Try out the Baby Me package while you are at it. It includes a pair of baby moccasins and onesie, three items from the service menu to satisfy your cravings and also a copy of Bump It Up: Transform Your Pregnancy into the Ultimate Style Statement that guides your shopping tours on the Fifth Avenue.

Luna Hotel Baglioni—Venice, Italy

Looking for a Mediterranean babymoon experience? Then this is just the place for you. Breakfast in bed, special gift and mocktail on arrival, in-room massage services and cooking class with a hotel chef for kid friendly recipes and a 10% discount at the hotel’s restaurant and boutique you can have it all.

The Cliffs Resort—Pismo Beach, CA

For a sand, sun, and surf filled babymoon experience then this is the place to be. You get everything here ranging from an overnight accommodation to welcome baskets full of diapers and onesies for your baby. However the best part about this place is its Sea Cliff Restaurant voucher, an in-room movie with ice cream delivery, breakfast in bed, two massages, and a bottle of wine once you are able to drink again.

So pack up and head out for that last week of pampering and enjoying yourself before your life is filled up with a bundle of joy.


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