While you can avoid allergens at home easily, you can face difficulties with allergens in airline cabins.

You have to plan and take precautions on the journey to safeguard your health and avoid in-flight allergic reactions.

Here are some tips to travel by air with food allergies.

Tips to prepare for air travel

  1. Inform the airline of your food allergies at the time of ticket reservation and on the day of your travel. Let the airline know your flight number and seat so that they will avoid serving the food with the ingredients with which allergy flare-ups can occur.
  2. Keep allergy alert card along with you that contains the details of your allergies so that you can show that while ordering food in flight in case if you had not given prior information of your food allergies to the airline.
  3. Take necessary medication along with you just in case if you are exposed to food allergies. Although airline can take necessary steps of your food allergies, you can’t be sure that people sitting in front of you are not carrying or eating food that contains allergic ingredients.
  4. Most airlines are offering allergy free foods, however always leave room for error on a long haul flight and pack few snacks that you can rely on as being safe for you.


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